Durable, versatile design

  • Fixed or displaceable drive option
  • Furrow or above-ground cable guidance options
  • Fully galvanized steel structure with a wide wheelbase for increased stability and mobility
  • Two- or four-motor option for high pulling capacity of the water supply hose
  • Three levels of steering options adapt to difficult terrain, enabling the cart to follow wide curves
  • Front and rear guidance prevent the cart from moving off course
  • Power can be supplied by electrical pull cable or engine generator set
  • Adaptable to many different brands of spans

Advanced Control Technology

  • Operating system can record two irrigation programs and link up to 12 individual system movements
  • Long-life LCD screen displays system status and alerts for easy irrigation management
  • Quick application rate changes during operation
  • Application rate automatically changes when switching from lateral to pivot mode
  • Changes directions quickly and effectively with remote controlled electric motors