FieldNET | FieldNET Pro

FieldNET PRO combines GPS positioning and wireless communication to enhance the efi ciency and effectiveness of your existing center pivots with programmable or mechanical panels. By retroi tting an existing pivot with FieldNET PRO, you gain all of the convenience of the FieldNET Wireless Irrigation Network, including updates on pivot status, water pressure and pivot position. And global positioning gives you control right down to the end guns for precise water application.

Features and Benefits:

  • Cost effective 
  • Enhances the performance of existing irrigation system 
  • Lets you monitor and control many brands of pivots online or via your smartphone with FieldNET Mobile 
  • Up to 75 percent savings on labor with fewer trips to the field 
  • GPS precision control of end-gun areas, programmable pivot shutdowns and water rate adjustment areas for improved efficiency