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Perrot by Lindsay hose-reels are ideal irrigators for odd-shaped fields, corners or fields that are not adjacent to each other. These systems have been designed to be easy to move and easy to operate. They are designed and built at Lindsay Europe and incorporate more than 35 years of irrigation experience in their quality construction and materials.

The Perrot line of hose reels is available in many different models to meet your individual field needs. There are three series of available from Lindsay Europe:

  • TR10, TR20 and TR25
    • PE pipe length – 280 – 450 m
    • Flow Rate – 15 to 70 m³/h
    • Irrigated width – 54 – 84 m
  • TR30, TR35, TR40 and TR45
    • PE pipe length – 310 – 550 mm
    • Flow Rate – 25 – 80 m³/h
    • Irrigated width – 63 – 90 m
  • TR50, TR55, TR60, TR70 and TR80
    • PE pipe length – 360 – 680 m
    • Flow Rate – 34 – 107 m³/h
    • Irrigated width – 66 – 99 m
Hose Reels

Perrot Quality

  • Durability, designed for a long life
  • Heavy duty galvanized chassis and frame
  • Sand blasted and primer coated before painting the polyurethane drum
  • PE produced on site and only with 100% virgin raw material
  • Chain driven timing carriage
  • Easy to use and program speed and rainfall control
  • Valve shut-off
  • Few spare parts needed
Hose Reels

Perrot Turbine

  • Most efficient turbine on the market
  • High output turbine regulated by an electric driven by-pass motor
  • At slow speed, the bypass is almost completely open with most of the flow going directly to the gun and not through the turbine
  • At high speed (or start-up), the bypass automatically closes and most of the flow goes through the turbine thus increasing retraction speed and power.
  • Minimized pressure loss
  • Turbine connected to 4-speed gearbox for increased efficiency at optimal speeds
Hose Reels

Easy and Safe Operation

  • Designed to grower needs
  • Automatic gun carriage pick-up with stabilizers and mechanical rotation (TR10, TR20 and TR25)
  • Hydraulic gun carriage pick-up and hydraulic rotation on all models
  • Drum rotates up to 320° on chassis (except TR10, TR20 and TR25)
  • Automatic drum brake
  • Hydraulic controls on turntable frame for easy and precise operation
  • Strong anchoring with 2 independent stabilizers
  • CE compliant to European Directive Machinery 2006/42/CE.