Irrigation Solutions

Zimmatic - Zimmatic is more than products and technology. Zimmatic is support from trained irrigation professionals to help you utilize the best management practices that lower operating costs through efficient use of inputs such as labor, energy and natural resources. Robust and durable Zimmatic pivots are a full height option when compared to Greenfield Mini-Pivots.

FieldNET – FieldNET by Lindsay is the industry’s first wireless network that gives you the power to manage and control your pivots, laterals and pumps at your convenience. With FieldNET, you can keep track of your entire system, pivot by pivot. You can also check the status and position of each pivot, and receive water usage reports. If it’s remotely possible FieldNET can do it.

GrowSmart – Innovative GrowSmart by Lindsay products is a product line of plug and play accessories. They help utilize best management practices that offer convenience and lower operating costs through the efficient use of time, labor, energy and water. This line features various sensors and Lindsay’s Precision Variable irrigation system.

Watertronics - Watertronics Pumping solutions are engineered to your specific needs. Watertronics’ fully integrated pumping systems and advanced control technology can be used with virtually any kind of irrigation system including: golf courses, municipal, landscape, center pivot and lateral move, drip irrigation, wheel roll and hose reel, flood irrigation and process / wastewater. Whether you have a large corporate operation or a small family farm, Watertronics can design and build pumping systems that save you water, power and time. By improving efficiency and reliability, you can expect lower utility bills and reduced downtime.

Perrot – Perrot by Lindsay hose-reels are ideal irrigators for odd-shaped fields, corners or fields that are not adjacent to each other. These systems have been designed to be easy to move and easy to operate. They are designed and built at Lindsay Europe and incorporate more than 30 years of irrigation experience in their quality construction and materials.

IRZ - For a quarter of a century, IRZ Consulting has been combining world-class water resource engineering with technologically advanced irrigation, resource management, and conservation services to our growers. The IRZ agriculture resource team has years of “real life” experience on farms and fields throughout the West. IRZ’s holistic approach of evaluating your water resources produces optimum yields and peak efficiencies.

SkyHarvester – Upon recognizing a need for improved water conservation in both new and existing buildings, Watertronics developed SkyHarvester® water conservation systems. SkyHarvester provides a single-source solution for every step of the water management cycle, from system design and manufacturing to installation supervision and long-term support.