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Genuine Lindsay Parts

Your dealer will provide you with the quality Lindsay parts you need to keep your system running smoothly year after year. Parts distribution centers are located across the globe or at your local dealer to reduce downtime.


Replacement components for any system

Zimmatic components — including center drives, gearboxes and electrical controls — are the preferred after-market choice when repairing or converting irrigation systems from other manufacturers.


Center Drive 

the fastest, most durable and efficient in the industry for over 25 years

  • Operates at 480V or 380 V
  • 43 RPM motor versus others 34 rpm motor. A seven tower Zimmatic pivot can complete a circle in under 13 hours, compared to 16 hours for a competitive motor – 27% faster
  • Also available: 1.0 hp (59 rpm) motor, reducing rotation time by 37%
  • Heavy-duty steel stator shell is coated to resist chemicals or corrosive water
  • Triple reduction spur gear provides the industry’s highest efficiency


Key Replacement Parts:

  • Tower Control Boxes - Housed in a weather-tight enclosure, these ultra-reliable controls maintain machine alignment during operation. Lindsay technology combined with rigorous factory testing, result in Zimmatics being known as some of the straightest running pivots in the industry. Pivot alignment relies on precision controls that operate in a wide range of environments including; rugged terrain, high winds and fluctuating temperatures. (Conversion kit required for non-Zimmatic pivots).

AT Gearbox –the industry’s largest expansion chamber reduces internal pressure and temperature. Other features include:

  • Cartridge input and output shaft seals that turn with the shaft provide extra protection from dirt and moisture. A special diaphragm design keeps internal components submerged in lubricant during operation
  • Two large input bearings increase load capacity by 55%
    • Operating life and increased torque consistency are achieved thanks to a super-strong, cast iron bull gear
    • Universal mounting pattern to fit all types of machines
    • Easy-fill design allows routine gearbox maintenance without opening the expansion chamber