In today's environmentally conscious economy, sustainable practices are imperative. Lindsay Corporation is committed to reducing negative impacts on the environment by promoting awareness, and using practices that protect employees and the environment. As a global company, we are taking the time to save energy and use fewer resources on a daily basis, which will go a long way in protecting the world.

Lindsay has created sustainable practices to reduce the quantity of emissions, and we’ve developed opportunities for recycling while using our natural resources more efficiently.

Lindsay Corporation's Green Mission Statement

Lindsay Corporation is committed to developing environmental awareness and implementing sustainable practices to reduce the use of and protect energy, water, and all other resources.

Lindsay is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of high-quality, reliable and versatile irrigation and water management systems.  By the nature of the business, Lindsay has always strived to provide environmentally friendly products and solutions.  For example, Lindsay’s center pivots irrigation systems feature 95% recycled materials.   A corporate-wide effort was launched in the fall of 2008 to institutionalize the company's environmental initiatives with the launch of a "Green Team" campaign.


Recycling and Waste Reduction

  • Advanced paint equipment - 1,500 fewer gallons of paint used and 55% reduction in solvents per year
  • Recycling of office (white paper), cardboard and plastic, toner cartridges and all other waste and scrap
  • Installed containers for recycling aluminum cans and plastics in break areas
  • Pillow packaging replaced by packing peanuts
  • Green banding reduced selected steel banding
  • Exploring options to reduce paper hardcopies with document imaging
  • Marketing materials are printed on paper with 10-20% recycled paper content

Initiatives Recognition

  • 2009 Member of the Year Award – WasteCap of Nebraska
  • 2010 Sustainable Business Award – WasteCap of Nebraska
  • 2012 Honorable Mention – Sustainable Business Award – WasteCap of Nebraska

Lindsay Corporation is an international business and strives to achieve environmental excellence. We will continue to work with our employees, customers, partners and suppliers to sustain cost savings practices as the company expands globally.


Over the years, we have implemented green initiatives by reducing, reusing and recycling at every opportunity:

  • Purchasing green business materials and supplies
  • Installing energy-efficient lighting
  • Reducing and reusing water in our processes
  • Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Upgrading processes to mitigate the risk of noxious substances released into the environment
  • Reducing waste solvent generation

Natural Resource Savings

  • Automatic shut-off valves – reduce 8.4 million gallons of water per year
  • Water chiller (indoor & outdoor) – decreases water usage by 8.2 million gallons per year
  • Water temperature control device – reduces water usage by 1 million gallons per year

Energy Savings

  • Replaced oven burner - 4,480 MMBTUs saved per year
  • Equipment is automatically turned off at end of every shift
  • Insulated coverings for zinc bath – 4,500 MMBTUs saved per year

Lighting Savings

  • Motion sensor light switches - 178,700 kWh saved per year
  • T5 & T8 lighting replaced with high bay lighting – 407,000 kWh/326 tons of CO2E gas emissions decreased per year