Special Products | Tracking Solutions

Ideal for difficult areas and all terrains

For your toughest tracking problems, Trax tackles any terrain.  Superior tread eliminates ruts with no tires to change.  Enclosed in a high-ribbed, wide-based tread, Trax distributes weight evenly creating 1.2 square meters of surface contact to avoid rutting and pivot shutdowns.

  • Wider base for better floatation and lower ground pressure
  • Greater traction for improved climbing ability
  • Sealed components for longer product life and low maintenance
  • Quick and easy to install – no additional modifications needed
  • Uses existing pivot tire hub and the same bolts
  • Reduces drive train and truss structure wear and tear

Three-Wheel Tower Structure
Ideal for marshy areas and problem soils

Add power to increase traction and prevent rutting with the Zimmatic three-wheel tower structure.

  • Spend less time dealing with stuck machines
  • Increase tire life
  • Reduce drive train wear and tear
  • Irrigate acres currently left idle

Three-Wheel conversion

Gain all of the advantages of a three-wheel tower structure without having to replace your standard two-wheel drive tube.  A simple economical third-wheel conversion kit will give your current model added floatation and increased traction.