Center Pivots

Center Pivots

Zimmatic® center pivots provide farmers worldwide with the best quality, highest performing irrigations systems. Year after year, these systems have proven themselves in varying types of terrain, cropping situations and irrigation requirements.


With its unique ability to create a custom irrigation program based on your field’s characteristics, the 9500CC Custom Corner system delivers application rates with the same uniformity you get from your center pivot. The 9500CC offers increased yields through more uniform application, experience enhanced reliability, more acres brought under irrigation, time and labor saved, and legendary Zimmatic® durability


If you’ve got a square or rectangular field, a standard lateral move irrigation system can bring 98% more of your crop into full production. With a choice of water supply and guidance systems, each system can be customized to your individual needs and situation.

Control Panels

Zimmatic® by Lindsay has a full line of controllers including computer panels, electro-mechanical or the new GPS Controller. These controllers feature easy to understand user interfaces and programming flexibility with the capability for remote control and monitoring.